Do pharmacists benefit from specialised business services providers?

We believe that business services providers in the accounting and legal space that have prior experience in providing comprehensive services to and advising pharmacy groups deliver more efficient and effective services to you.

One example where our prior business services experience working with pharmacies can definitely be of benefit to you is when your accountant and lawyer are required to assist you to purchase a pharmacy (including purchasing another one to add to your existing group).

Our commercial experience with Pharmacies allows us to provide greater insight into the risks and benefits of the purchase - beyond reference to published 'pharmacy business benchmarks'.

For smaller pharmacy groups we also offer a strong commercial know how in advising you on tax effective business sale or exit.

Does it matter who does my Financial Accounts and Tax Compliance?

Ascendia's experience in preparing financial accounts and tax returns for Pharmacy Groups means that we are able to get annual financial accounting and tax compliance work done:

1. Quickly and efficiently

2. Without any compliance problems emerging in the future

because we understand pharmacies.

We would be very happy to provide you with a confidential, no obligation, written fee quote at no cost to you.

So - why not get a second fee quote on your business services needs - and then you can save money while still dealing with a well resourced and experienced group?

We're here when you need us.

To request an appointment with an Accounting, Law or Investment Client Service Manager, please fill out the form or Call: 1300 797 858.

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