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Portfolio Management

Our financial consulting firm provides investment portfolio management services in the areas of:

  • Income focused portfolios
  • Defensive portfolios
  • Moderately Defensive portfolios
  • Balanced portfolio’s

Unlike other investment management companies, we do not provide share portfolio management services to growth or high growth asset allocation portfolio’s.

We do not provide margin lending financial advisory services or investment and portfolio management services involving margin loans.

We do not advise on agribusiness or 100% tax deductible or structured investment products.

Built In Financial & Investment Advice Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Before we provide financial portfolio managment services, we will provide you with financial & investment advisory service with respect to your requirements and personal circumstances.

This initial Financial & Investment Advisory Service is provide by our investment managers as part of Investment Portfolio Management Services at no additional cost to you and is paid for by the Portfolio Management Financial Services Fees you pay our financial consulting firm for that service.

When we start providing Share Portfolio Management Services, our services include all the things you will need to have poccur to be able to have us manageing your portfolio in accordane with your authority and in keeping with your investment and financial requirements and circumstances, including:

  • Initial discussions with you to understand your requirements and circumstances
  • Initial Statement of Advice to you as required to enable you to consider all relevant issues - as required by you.
  • Specific asset and asset allocation recommendations.
  • Financial Advice as to what to do with existing assets in the event of having funds already invested.
  • Asset administration necessary to administer your financial portfolio of assets effectively and efficiently - including as authorised by you - establishing new systems to enable us and you to monitor, measure, report on and manage your stock portfolio etc.
  • Provision of access to you for secure online reporting of your share portfolio.
  • Commencement of stock portfolio management, including initial purchases, divestments, payments to you of income, portfolio review processes etc.

A copy of our current Financial Services Guide is below for your reference and provides more detail of the areas we are licensed to provide financial services. Ascendia Financial Services Guide.

Ascendia's Portfolio Managment Values

No exotic instruments, complex strategies, leverage, or illiquid assets

Unlike other investment management companies, our financial consulting firm simply does not believe financial portfolio management needs to use complex trading strategies, leverage, or exotic instruments to derive a good solid investment outcome. It is just not necessary.

Our investment portfolios use a combination of traditional ASX listed assets and other liquid managed assets. This means you retain liquidity and transparency, and you are able to implement asset allocation changes with ease. Even in times of market stress, this will mean that you retain access to capital.

The vast majority of the portfolio consists of direct assets for the cost, transparency and liquidity benefits that these provide. As part of our investment and portfolio management, we will however, also use a small number of managed investments that provide us with access to a very specific investment manager skill that is very difficult or impossible to replicate directly, or access to wholesale markets that our firm cannot access directly.

Direct Ownership & Portability

All the underlying investments are held in the name of you, the investor. This enables individual investors to participate in plans such as shareholder discount schemes or shareholder purchase offers etc. This direct ownership also means that you retain the flexibility to move your share portfolio at some time in the future without selling down your holdings and crystallizing capital gains. This means you have portability of your investment assets.





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