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Senior Professionals / Executives

Senior Professionals and Executives have more opportunities and more tax and asset protection issues to manage than ordinary employees.

They also have different issues to small business persons.

As a result Ascendia's multi-professional team approach where necessary - we offer services specifically tailored to and experienced in the provision of service to executive and senior professionals.

Examples of this specialised service include:

  • Employee share options and bonus schemes - how to get the most out of them and ensure the compliance is correctly treated so you don't either miss out on tax discounts available or alternatively fail to report your obligations
  • Specialised executive superannuation offers (above the SGC where employer co-payments may be involved), and whether to make use of these or not
  • Golden handshake redundancy payouts - to take them or to take more leave - what is the best fit for your circumstances often requires modelling your personal financial position
  • Whether it is worthwhile to organise your own super instead of using the employer fund, and whether you have a right to do this
  • Mechanics of setting up your own superannuation trust and organising roll-overs from old/existing funds and other administration needed to get it started
  • Ensuring you are not over insured, under insured or unhappy with the level of insurance and its expense, and obtaining the best amount and cover in the most tax effective way. Without financial substantiation of 2 years historical your Income Protection cover is an indemnity policy and subject at claim to proof if income levels - which may have altered since the policy is taken out or may be hard to substantiate if you have since structured your remuneration more tax effectively,
  • How to make the most of contracting opportunities where they are offered.

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