Why Ascendia?

We have access to the full range of business services under one roof. That's the Ascendia difference!

A Multi-Profession Team

The key difference with us compared to your average accounting, law or investment firm, is that we are tax accountants, in house commercial, property & estates lawyers and independent qualified investment managers who collaborate all day to deliver you additional options and opportunities that in our experience you cannot access from service providers with a more narrow focus. 

We provide a team of experienced partners from a range of professions to deliver to business and investment clients the following services:

•    Tax Agents and Advisory

•    Public Accounting including General Purpose Accounting

•    Audit Services, including trust account audits

•    Commercial Law

•    Estates Law, including relating to business groups

•    Property Law, including pursuant to property developments

•    Independently ASIC licensed Investment Advice and Management Services

Our partners have a combined 75 years commercial and investment experience, to ensure your business and / or investment approach is the best available.