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Congratulations and thank you for starting to consider this issue. In our experience clients who seek advice while they still have 5-10 years left until they plan to retire - retire in much better shape.

Contact our Ascendia pre-retirement planners in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to help you plan for retirement and get finances where they need to be at, ahead of retiring.

What Should I See Your Financial Planners About?

Of course it depends on your personal circumstances and we would go through the process outlines at the Advisory Services Page in detail.

Often the kinds of things we then find ourselves initially working together to establish for you are:

  • How much income per annum do I need to live on in Retirement?
  • Do I have any work plans?
  • Are any major travel or capital expenses planned?
  • How much capital do I need to live the way I want to?
  • What is my current financial arrangement  / situation i.e. is it appropriate when I stop working?
  • Will I be alright in retirement - do I have the potential to achieve financial independance on my intended timeframe? Or have I got to defer it?
  • What do I have to do to pull it all together to be able to retire - what is my road map?
  • What changes do I have to make now to make it achievable?
  • Should I consider a Self Managed Super Fund?

What Kind of Outcomes Normally Flow from Meeting with Your Retirement Planners?

We often organise a plan for consolidating your existing portfolio of assets so as to significantly reduce the tax expenses on the income, increase the expected returns on the assets and reduce the fees and costs associates with retaining the assets.

Any consolidation plan that we may recommend in consultation with you is one that you are in control of and may take many years to implement - it may be 10 years before you intend to downsize your principal residence - if this is one of your intentions for example.

We often identify the estimated amount of invested capital you will have available at the point of retirement resulting from this above consolidaiton activity. We are working to unlock the value of your balance sheet, to not have any lazy or tax ineffective assets. To not have lifestyle assets that you don't need or don't value anymore.

We often help you to identify your living costs in pre-retirement and estimated at retirement, and for a number of years into retirement.

We work with you to help you make decisions about your assets and financial arrangments :

  • is it time to sell the investment property or is it best to keep it for another 5 years?
  • Is it worthwhile considering selling your business now or later...

So that you arrive at retirement within your timeframe, with the assets you need to retire, and are actually able to stop working.

We will often start managing some of your assets to assist you to get a better return, to lower your investment risks where this is appropriate) and wherever possible and appropriate reduce the management costs and make your investment returns as tax effective as possible.

It can't hurt to contact us to arrange an initial no obligation, and 'no cost to you' consultation with our Investment principal - A Certified Financial Planner with 15 years experience.

We also don't recommend a Statement of Advice, or charge you a fee for advice, unless we think there is something to advise you about. We may for isntance have a discussion and youmay then decide that you should come back and see us in a few years when advice may be more timely for you (depending on your circumstances). That is up to you of course.

We recommend you read our client testimonials under Resources on this site and reveiw some of the comments our clients have made about our service.







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