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"We need income now and for the future. We also want first-rate support. So we choose Ascendia..."

What areas do Ascendia Investments cover?

Ascendia Investments provides a wide range of Investment services. Our advisory service provides a team of experienced partners from a range of professions to deliver to business and investment clients. Further details about the services provided outlined here.

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Investment Case Studies;

Ascendia Investment Services

Planning your retirement...

"I need my superannuation invested in a way that provides me with a regular income but without high risks..."

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Ascendia Investment Services

Building your portfolio...

"With only 10 years until retirement, I need an investment team I can trust to grow my portfolio at a steady pace..."

Read Jeff's story

Ascendia Investment Services

Investing your compensation...

"After being injured in a sporting accident, I need someone to manage the compensation funds / capital very carefully..."

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