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What legal services do Ascendia Lawyers provide?

This page provides a summary of the services provided by Ascendia Lawyers. Further details about the services provided by our law principals and their support staff are outlined in the detailed pages linked below.

Take advantage of our legal services backed by a multi-disciplinary team of not only lawyers, but also in-house accountants, and independent qualified investment managers. Our experts collaborate daily to deliver clients extra options and opportunities they cannot access from service providers with a more narrow focus.

Contact our professional services firm today. You'll find an Ascendia office near you in North Lakes, Brisbane, and in Noosa and Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.

Unlike many law, accounting and investment management companies these days - we do not offshore, outsource, or sub-contract any of our work or services.

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Ascendia Lawyers Sunshine Coast and North Lakes Service Overview

Ascendia's North Brisbane, Noosa and Maroochydore Lawyers practice in three areas of law which are most useful in managing business and investment interests, namely:

  • Business & Commercial Law
  • Property Law
  • Estates Law

As a result we provide a comprehensive range of legal services for business people and investors, including:

Asset Protection planning, advice and implementation services for business and investment groups

Business Succession planning, advice and implementation services

Business Law Services including:

  1. Preparation of Commercial Legal Documents by business solicitors and provision of business law advice pertaining to companies, trusts, leases, loan agreements, mortages, business sale and purchase, shareholder agreements etc. etc.
  2. Establishment of Business and Investment Entities by our business solicitors including companies, discretionary trusts, bare trusts, unit trists, SMSF's, partnership agreements, shareholder / stakeholder agreements. Our entities work the way you expect them to!

Estates Law Services including:

  1. Estates Planning, Advice and Implementation Services by our estate lawyers for large and complex estates incorporating tax, super, and business arrangement considerations etc.working in collaboration with accounting and investment professionals as required.
  2. Estate Probate and After Death Administration Services by our estate lawyers for individuals with significant investments, trusts, companies and super funds.

Property Law Services from our property lawyers including:

  1. Commercial Property Conveyancing
  2. Investment Property Conveyancing
  3. Conveyancing of Superannuation Related Property
  4. Advice and Solutions related to Property Law related Problems.
  5. Property Development Related Services for Property Developers, including:
  • Establishment of initial title of development blocks,
  • DA and BA advice and services and
  • Working in consultation with your town planner.
  • Comprehensive legal services for large property development projects from concept to completion and sale / leasing. (We have experience of a number of projects from concept to completion).

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