How Do We Start?

How Do We Start Your Portfolio Service?

We will need to have discussions with you.

This is because we manage a client's portfolio in accordance with their circumstances, objectives, attitude to investment risk and directions? You will also need to provide us with relevant records and documents that we will request.

We will also provide you - at our first discussions with you - a current  Ascendia Financial Services GuideThis sets out more detailed information about our qualified advisers, their qualifications, our areas of license and other details. A copy of this is also available on this site for your reference: Ascendia Financial Services Guide

In addition Ascendia has an approach to portfolio management which we like to discuss with our clients. We want you to understand our investment philosophy of you like -so you can ensure you are wanting our type of portfolio management services. Our portfolio management approach is documented here for your reference: Ascendia Portfolio Management Approach.

The clear documentation of the scope of our appointment by you is designed to enable us to do the job you require without wasting your money and / or our time on matters that are not relevant to our your appointment of us in the matter at hand.

We can discuss this further with you, if you wish, at the time that you appoint us.

We will prepare and present to you a Statement of Advice.

This takes into account your financial and personal circumstances, objectives, attitude to investment risk and the investment and economic environment.

This will include specific investment asset recommendations. We caution you against trying to implement these yourself as we will obtain your authority to recommend amendments and to implement these recommendations (with your authority) over a timeframe where appropriate pending valuations and investment market conditions and  your personal circumstances and attitude to investment risk.

We implement the portfolio after you have authorised us to do so.

This includes all portfolio administration associated with collecting together the assets into an agreed set of accounts in your name with our preferred suppliers.

Some of these are provided at entirely Ascendia’s cost, and some of these accounts have some very minor administrative costs associated with them, which are borne by your portfolio, these are detailed with you when we establish your portfolio.

We establish online reporting to you, through our web site, of your portfolio ongoing situation.

This service includes all relevant data such as interest income, corporate actions (takeovers and mergers), dividends (franked and unfranked), sales and purchases and valuation movements.

We monitor your portfolio on a continuous basis.

We do this by monitoring our clients' portfolios, asset markets, the economic situation and individual asset values on a regular basis, as they are relevant to our clients portfolios.

We undertake and  provide periodic review of your portfolio and recommend amendments to your portfolio as appropriate based on our monitoring process so as to maintain the risk and asset allocation of your portfolio within agreed levels.

Whenever you advise us of any material changes in your circumstances, requirements, objectives or attitude to investment risk we consider whether the current portfolio nad related advice is still appropriate and will recommend changes where it is not. In some circumstances we will need to have a face to face meeting with you accordingly.

We also undertake annual and sometimes semi-annual or quarterly comprehensive portfolio reviews

This is in addition to our monitoring and review service on an as needs basis as outlined above.

We meet with you every year or more frequently if requested to present any required Statement of Advice and / or to and discuss how things are going in your personal life and whether there are any changes in your personal circumstances, objectives, requirements or attitude to investment risk.

We make recommended changes to your portfolio management approach pending any of these changes. We also do this when you notify us of these sorts of changes at any time through out the year.

How do I access other Professional Services that may be Required in Association with my requirements?

We will if you wish introduce you to the Ascendia Lawyers or Accountants to discuss this with you. They have engagement processes and will explain those you at the time. Areas service you may be interested in may include:

  • Legal Advice (for example about wills or property for instance) or
  • Tax Advice (for example about capital gains tax on the sale of a business) or
  • Self Managed Super Compliance Advice (for example about borrowing rules or in house asset rules).

We will recommend you obtain this advice where we think you require it. We will also, if you wish, introduce you to the Ascendia Lawyers or Accountants to discuss this with you. They have engagement processes and will explain those you at the time.

Potentially Relevant Tax Accountancy Engagements:

All accountancy and tax agent engagements are tailored to your specific matters and circumstances. Relevant terms and conditions of service are generic terms of credit and trade pertaining to records management, which are outlined on the web site

  • Income Tax Estimates (incl. Trusts, Companies, Partnerships, Individuals)
  • Capital Gains Tax Estimates (incl. Trusts, Patnerships, Individuals) Pre Asset Disposal
  • Self Managed Super Fund Estimates regards: Liabilities, Liquidity requirements.
  • Self Managed Superannuation Compliance / Technical Advice including pertianing to property investment, borrowing rules, contributions, access to funds, compensation payments and access to funds etc.
  • Tax Advice including regards Income, Capital Gains, Offshore Income.
  • Bone Fide Redundancy Payment Tax Advice / Estimates

Potentially Relevant Legal Engagements:

All legal engagements are tailored to your specific matters and circumstances. Relevant terms and conditions of service are generic terms of credit and trade pertaining to records management, which are outlined on the web site  Ascendia Lawyers is owned by the principals who work in and manage the business.

Relevant legal services may include, for instance:

  • Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Deeds - specific provisions adn or advice required to ensure SMSF has the powers required for the task. Update and regular review of SMSF Deeds as required.
  • Investment Trust Deeds - including ensuring powers of trust are appropriate to the investment discretion required. Updates and regular review of Trust Deeds as required.
  • Establishment of Corporate Trustee for Investment Trust or Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).
  • Bare Trust Establishment for Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).
  • Asset Protection Advice and Structuring.
  • Estates Planning including with specific regard to streaming Superannuation benefits, Trustee powers, and managing blended family entitlements.
  • Investment Property Conveyancing including Commercial Properties
  • Loan Agreements regards Asset Protection, Self Manged Super etc.
  • Lease Agreements regards Commercial and Residential Investment Properties etc.

We're here when you need us.

To request an appointment with an Accounting, Law or Investment Client Service Manager, please fill out the form or Call: 1300 797 858.

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