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Financial Investment Management Services Ascendia provides

The Ascendia Investment and Portfolio Management arm of our business provides services for self-funded retirees and pre-retirees, and asset accumulators, including trustees of investment trusts.

Our service is independently ASIC licensed and provides services on a fee-for-service basis. The service fees are based on activity and our costs involved in providing the service.

Further below you will find a summary of our investment and portfolio management services. Visit the investment portfolio management page for further information about this service. For investment advisory services, please use the links further below which will take you straight to the relevant sections of our dedicated financial and investment services section.

Unlike other investment management companies, our investment management services are backed by a multi-disciplinary team of not only investment managers, but also in-house commercial, property and estates lawyers, and accountants. 

"We need income now and for the future. We also want first-rate support. So we choose Ascendia..."

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Investment and Portfolio Management Services Available

Specialised Investment Portfolio Managers

Ascendia's investment portfolio services specialise in the provision of portfiolio management in the areas of income provision, defensive, moderately defensive and balanced portfolios.

Our highly experienced investment portfolio managers provide comprehensive financial and investment advisory services as dictated by our clients' needs and circumstances. In doing so, they have developed substantial experience and expertise in advising and managing investment portfolios.

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Built-In Financial and Investment Advice

Our investment portfolio service comes with built-in financial and investment advice. This service is provided at no additional cost to you and is paid for by the initial years portfolio management service fees which you pay over the following year. Learn more about how Ascendia portfolio investment managers manage portfolios here.

These services include everything which needs to occur so we can manage your portfolio in accordance with your authority, and in keeping with your investment requirements and circumstances. For more information about this you can go to What Portfolio Type For Me? and How Do we Start Portfolio Services?

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Investment Management Case Studies

Ascendia Investment Services

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Ascendia Investment Services

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Ascendia Investment Services

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"After being injured in a sporting accident, I need someone to manage the compensation funds / capital very carefully..."

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