Investment Management Services for Compensation Investors

Can I Invest My Compensation Payment and Still Get Government Benefits?

There are some appropriate financial strategies that allow this. It depends on your circumstances whether you can achieve this. We will need to discuss your situation with you personally.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds and the purchase of Principal Residence (where needed) are worth investigating in this regard.

What Services Do I Need Besides a Portfolio Service?

You will probably need a personal Statement of Advice that considers your specific situation and Government entitlements, and recommends financial and investment arrangements that are best for you.

You will probably need legal services - to ensure that your interests are protected - including with respect to preserving your compensation capital for your personal benefit, and that it is protected as much as possible from any potential claimants that may present.

Potential Claimaints that can present include:

  • Life partners of the present or future
  • Business creditors (where you have business interests
  • Family members or carers who in some circumstancse unfortunately may not have your best interests at heart.

The approach taken here is where a legal professional reviews your circumstances and identifies any approporate new arrangements for your protection and, with your authorisation, implements them as required. Legal instruments that may be appropriate can include:

  • Appropriate customised Powers of Attorney
  • Wills that deal with any special circumstances
  • Binding Death Nominations as needed
  • Ensuring your Super Fund Trust Deed is tailored to your circumstances (where one is recommended).

We have advised clients in regards to their Compensation Investment Advice and Portfolio Services for 12 years.

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Our principal investment and financial adviser, lawyer, tax accountants - make house calls. Frequently we attend the premises of our clients who have mobility challenges - to assist them to maintain their routine.






















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