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This is obviously because rarely are the financial and / or  investment advice and plans that are suitable and appropriate for one client, also suitable and appropriate for another.

We need to have discussions with you to ensure we have a solid understanding of your circumstances, objectives, attitude to investment risk, and also your preferences and directions to us. You will also need to provide us with relevant records and documents that we will request.

We will also provide you - at our first discussions with you - a current Ascendia Financial Services Guide. This sets out more detailed information about our qualified advisers, their qualifications, our areas of license and other details. You can also review this information on this web site.

In addition, where you require portfolio management services as well as financial and investment advice regarding for instance redundancy, pre-retirement or retirement planning, Ascendia has an approach to portfolio management which we like to discuss with our clients.

We want you to ensure you understand our investment philosophy - so you can be sure you are wanting our type of portfolio management services. Our portfolio management approach is documented here for your reference:

What Portfolio Type For Me?

How Do You Manage My Portfolio?

What Assets Do You Use?

We also prepare a written Investment Services Engagment Letter for our new Advisory Service clients (and our new Portfolio Service clients too) to review and if satisfied agree to. This is designed to ensure clear documentation of the scope of your appointment of us.

We think this engagment letter outining the scope of our services that you require is important to enable us to do the job you require without us wasting your money and / or our time on matters that are not relevant to your appointment of us in the matter at hand or that you do not want us attending to. It also sets out fees clearly as you would expect.

We can discuss this further with you, if you wish, at the time that you appoint us.

We will prepare and present to you a Statement of Financial & Investment Advice.

This takes into account your financial and personal circumstances, objectives, attitude to investment risk and the investment and economic environment.

This will include specific financial recommendations that are relevant to your circumstances. As required it will also include either specific investment asset recommendations or general asset class recommendations with further specific investment asset recommendations to follow in a supplementary document at a more timely juncture depending on your requirements.

We caution you against trying to implement specific investment asset recommendations, or more general financial or investment advice recommendations, or advice regarding establishment of entities or other complex recommendations yourself - without close consultation and refernce to us in the first instance. There are often aspects in the detail of implementing these arrangements which you are not likely to be aware of unless you are a professional working in this area. So...please check with us first before going ahead with anything!

Who Will Implement My Statement of Financial & Investment Advice?

We offer full implementation services in respect of our advice, and often the cost of this is built into the cost of other services you are using and so is at no additional cost to you.

We can clarify this at our initial interview with you as it depends on the scope and nature of the advisory and implementation services you require.

We normally implement recommendations (with your authority) over an appropriate timeframe depending on your circumstances, and where portfolio investment and management is involved, depending on asset valuations and investment market conditions and your attitude to investment risk.

We discuss this timeframe with you when when you are considering authorising us to proceed with implementing the advice.

If our implementation service involves establishing a portfolio for you, please refer to our Portfolio Services page on this web site for further information on how this happens.

Will I Need Other Professional Services?

You may require additional professional services to be able to get the complete advice you require, including for instance:

  • Legal Advice (for example about wills or property for instance) or
  • Tax Advice (for example about capital gains tax on the sale of a business) or
  • Self Managed Super Compliance Advice (for example about borrowing rules or in house asset rules).

We will recommend you obtain this advice where we think you require it. We will also, if you wish, introduce you to the Ascendia Lawyers or Accountants Accountants to discuss this with you. They have engagement processes and will explain those you at the time.

Potentially Relevant Tax Accountancy Engagements:

All accounting and tax engagements are tailored to your specific matters and circumstances. Relevant terms and conditions of service are generic terms of credit and trade pertaining to records management, which are outlined on the web site Ascendia Accountants is owned by the principals who work in and manage the business.

  • Income Tax Estimates (incl. Trusts, Companies, Partnerships, Individuals)
  • Capital Gains Tax Estimates (incl. Trusts, Patnerships, Individuals) Pre Asset Disposal
  • Small Business Capital Gains Tax Rollover Relief Availability & Alternatives - Pre Business Sale
  • GST & PAYG Instalment Estimates and Periodic Budgets
  • Self Managed Super Fund Estimates regards: Liabilities, Liquidity requirements.
  • Self Managed Superannuation Compliance / Technical Advice including pertianing to property investment, borrowing rules, contributions, access to funds, compensation payments and access to funds etc.
  • Tax Advice including regards Income, Capital Gains, Offshore Income.
  • Bone Fide Redundancy Payment Tax Advice / Estimates
  • Business Group / Business Financial Accounts and Tax Returns

Potentially Relevant Legal Engagements

All legal engagements are tailored to your specific matters and circumstances. Relevant terms and conditions of service are generic terms of credit and trade pertaining to records management, which are outlined on the web site Ascendia Lawyers is owned by the principals who work in and manage the business.

Relevant legal services may include, for instance:

  • Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Deeds - specific provisions adn or advice required to ensure SMSF has the powers required for the task.
  • Update and regular review of SMSF Deeds.
  • Investment Trust Deeds including ensuring powers of trust are appropriate to the investment discretion required.
  • Asset Protection Advice and structuring.
  • Succession Planning and Structuring.
  • Establishment of corporate trustee.
  • Estates Planning including with specific reference to streaming Superannuation benefits and managing blended family entitlements.
  • Investment property conveyancing including Commercial properties
  • Bare Trust Establishment
  • Loan Agreements
  • Lease Agreements

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