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ICT Tax Accountants on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane North

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Do you manage an ICT company? Our tax accountants on the Sunshine Coast & in Brisbane North can help reduce your ongoing operating tax costs. You'll find our offices in Maroochydore, Noosa and North Lakes.

Information & Communication Technology Business Structuring

There are tax and tax cost opportunities to consider when establishing the business model of an Information and Communication Technology business.

Our tax accountants on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane North have worked with Information & Communications Technology businesses in this area - resulting in legitimate reductions in ongoing operating tax costs - where the business model is appropriate and bone fide matching the tax opportunities available. We have Information & Communication business clients who have obtained private tax rulings in this regard.

Legal Documentation and Accounting for Intangible Assets

As a result financial documentation, and accounting and preparation of financial accounts in a timely manner are very important.

Contracts can be worth a lot of money; intellectual property can cost a little but be worth a lot later on, revenue streams can be large and complex.

As a result balance sheets and revenue are particular areas where problems can occur if financial accounting is not done correctly.

Areas that should be carefully considered and advice obtained in regards to include:

  1. Payment of moneys to third parties who are not under an employment agreement.
  2. Clear Employment Agreements including relating to Intellectual Property, Confidentiality, and fulfilment of Employment obligations by Employers.
  3. Invoicing of Clients, invoice documentation, provision of credit to clients, management of client debts to you.
  4. Service scope and the terms and conditions and ongoing service obligation including purpose and liability.
  5. Location and supply of service and service obligations.

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