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Can you Benefit from Financial Portfolio Management Review Services?

For financial portfolio management and portfolio review services, contact Ascendia's multi-disciplinary team of investment managers, lawyers & accountants. 

Ongoing Portfolio Review

The Ascendia managed portfolios will seek to provide a combination of assets that we expect will provide positive overall returns subject to the risks identified. As risks and expected returns change in different asset classes, so too we periodically amend the portfolios exposure to these asset classes and subgroups - where prudent.

The key aim is to manage risks, and in particular to reduce the impact of big downturns in risk assets (such as the share market) when it is considered appropriate.

We do this by considering, reviewing and amending the Asset Allocation of your portfolio (Strategic and Sub Group), and its individual assets in portfolios, with a view to ensuring they remain appropriate for our task.

Note that generally, changes should not happen too often. We don’t trade short term market corrections. We invest and amend portfolio's with a view to appropriate asset allocations and quality assets in the context of the expected longer trend of economic and clients circumstances.

We are not seeking to be dumping out of asset allocations in reaction to short term fluctuations or events, but are striving to be gradually increasing / decreasing / varying your portfolio exposures over time - so as to have the appropriate allocation to deliver outcomes that meet your requirements.

Regular Meetings

Periodic face to face, phone or skype meetings, with one of our qualified financial advisers, are initiated by us to assist us to keep up with your requirements of the service, and to give you the opportunity to monitor our progress.

This is normally initiated by us at regular periodic intervals as agreed with you, but sometimes may be initiated by you for a specific purpose.

We often focus these meetings on discussing your circumstances and presenting any detailed advice required including presenting a Statement of Advice as required.

Emails from our Investment Team

These are often regarding your portfolio - keeping you advised of changes we are implementing in your portfolio - as per our advice and your authorisations.

These occur throughout the year. These are often related to the economic and investment environment.

Response to Your Telephone or Email Contact

This type of communication as initiated by you and required by you - is responded to as soon as possible with our investment team staff (who are not in face to face meetings with clients and who are readily available), who can:

Answer any queries you have verbally and / or by email

Email you any reports you may require

Arrange as needed an appointment with one of our financial advisers

These communications are often related to your circumstances and requirements for funds, queries about portfolio movements or reports or changes in your circumstances that require our consideration and possibly further advice of you wish.

Online Reporting

You can access Comprehensive Portfolio Reporting for your portfolio through this web site wonce we have issued your username and password.

If you are a potential client and would like to have a look at this service - please email us using Contact Us on this site and we will organise for you to have a Visitor Log In to have a look at our online reporting process and view an example portfolio of assets (not a real portfolio for privacy reasons) which will allow you to see what reporting you can obtain from our web site.

After Hours Contact

All portfolio clients have our principal's mobile phone number and email address. Our principal monitors this at all times and is contactable this way. He also lives a few minues from one of our main offices and can access the office at any time. Any action you require can be taken at short notice accordingly.

When the principal is away overseas or otherwise not available be makes arrangements for a back up officer to be able to effect any changes to your portfolio as may be required at short notice.

On occasion this after hours access to assistance has been used by clients seeking answers to a technical advisory issue where an opportunity has unexpectedly presented.

We're here when you need us.

To request an appointment with an Accounting, Law or Investment Client Service Manager, please fill out the form or Call: 1300 797 858.

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