Construction Trades

Accountants for Construction Trades & Subcontractors

What Business Services Experience Does Ascendia Have? 

Need accountants for the construction and trades industry? Ascendia's Principals alone have collectively 75 years professional experience providing Accounting, Investment & Legal Business Services to the following Construction Services Trades and Subcontractors:

  • Builders
  • Plumbers & Gasfitters
  • Plasterers
  • Tilers
  • Rooftilers
  • Civil Contractors
  • Large Commercial Contractors
  • High Volume Residential Contractors
  • High Quality Residential Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Large Contractors
  • Sole Operators
  • Partnerships.

What Business Services does Ascendia's Lawyers & Accountants provide for Construction, Trades & Subcontractors?

Ascendia provides to several Ascendia clients who are Licensed Construction Trades a wide range of Business Services, including as follows:

  • Business Bookkeeping Services. We provide comprehensive Bookkeeping Services or can work with your Bookkeeper as you wish.

  • Tax Preparation and Business Accounting - including reporting for your financiers and partners or investors.

  • Tax Advice and Tax Estimates - including:

    • BAS and IAS planning and reviews

    • Advice relating to GST in particular to the building and construction project industry

    • Advice relating to CGT matters particular to the building and construction project development industry.

  • Monthly and quarterly Tax Instalment / Lodgement Program - Management and Advice - including projections of your lodgement obligations that include instalments of tax for current year as required by ATO (requried quarterly not annually now).

  • QBCC Audit Reports and Advice - we have great fixed prices and lots of experience in this area. How to ensure you have enough assets to operate at the level of sales revenue you need to operate at?

  • Business Financial Management Sevices - including:

    • Regular cash flow reporting (monthly or quarterly)

    • Ongoing working capital reporting (so you know how much cash you have in reserve at all times over the next 12 months loooking forward - and whether you can afford to start that large new project and wait 3 months to get paid .... and still pay last years tax bill etc. etc.).

  • Business Risk Management Services - including review and update of:

    • Stakeholder or shareholder agreements

    • Sub contractor agreements (are you meeting ATO and State Government requirements or are you risking a large unexpected tax bill?)

    • Division 7 a loan agreements - have your loan agreements been prepared properly?

    • Any other business law matter you may wish to seek advice on - to protect your business.

  • Superannuation Accounting and Advice - including relating to property inside super.

  • Business Succession Planning Advice and Implementation -  including relating to:

    • tax effective transfer of business

    • business sale agreements

    • vendor finance arrangements

    • transfer of lease liabilities

    • transfer of business assets

    • indemnity for tax or employee liabilities etc. etc.

  • Establishment of Investment or additional business venture entities -  including legal advice pertaining to:

    • Most appropriate business or investment structure

    • Establishment of relevant entity as appropriate such as partnership agreement, joint venture arrangement, company and stakeholder agreement, unit or discretionary trust deeds and related agremeents, loan agreements, registration of charges relating to loans, bare trusts, etc. etc. 

  • Investment Portfolio Advice and Management - including:

  • Investment advice for your or your investment entity detailing specific assets to purchase and in which amounts,
  • Ongoing portfolio and investment review advice
  • Ongoing managment service including all administration of assets, reporting of position on a daily basis etc. etc. 
  • Retirement Planning Advice - including personal financial advice regarding:

    • the amount of capital you requrie to retire

    • when you can retire

    • income you can derive from your capital

    • appropriate and recommended investments for your portfolio providing retirement income etc. etc. 

  • Estates Planning Advice and Implementation Services  - including relating to:

    • business assets

    • superannuation assets

    • assets held in related trusts

    • assets owned by you personally.

You'll find our Ascendia offices in Maroochydore and Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, and in North Lakes, just off the highway in North Brisbane.

We're here when you need us.

To request an appointment with an Accounting, Law or Investment Client Service Manager, please fill out the form or Call: 1300 797 858.

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