General, Tax and Investment Accountants for Lawyers

Are you lawyer looking for specialised accountants for lawyers? If so, you've come to the right place. 

We find that solicitors and lawyers like to have a high degree of control over their financial affairs, whether their personal or practice affairs. We have experience working to support solicitors in their requirements and understand the importance of confidentiality in all our dealings.

Our general, tax and investment accountants currently provide accounting services to lawyers in the following areas:

  • Trust Account Audit
  • Practice Book Keeping (confidential from administrative or professional staff)
  • Financial Accounts Preparation (Some solicitors then prepare and lodge their own tax returns thereafter)
  • Tax Return Preparation (from Financial Accounts prepared by us or by the Solicitors Practice depending on the solicitor's preference. Some Solicitors lodge their own returns).
  • Self Managed Super Financial Accounts Preparation, and Audit Referral
  • Portfolio Management and Administration (by referral to our independently ASIC licensed fee for service Investment Services division - Ascendia Wealth - no commission, great value portfolio managers).
  • Financial Accounting, Reporting to Investors, and on occasion bookkeeping services, to support Solicitors' Practice Investment projects including development projects involving solicitors clients and associates or investment funds

You'll find our Ascendia offices in Maroochydore and Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, and in North Lakes, just off the highway in North Brisbane.

We're here when you need us.

To request an appointment with an Accounting, Law or Investment Client Service Manager, please fill out the form or Call: 1300 797 858.

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