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Why would I switch to Ascendia Accountants Noosa, Mooloolaba & Brisbane for my Management Rights Business?

Ascendia does in fact offer the best value management rights accounting and business services on the Sunshine Coast and in the Brisbane area. Test us - ask us to quote.

We guarantee to beat any other bone fide written quote for full accounting services, from a professional accountant, by 15%.

How do you do the job at lower prices than my current Accountant - without cutting corners?

Spending less on your business and accounting services doesn't always mean getting a lesser service - just like other industries - sometimes the better value proposition is also the better quality and more stable provider.


We deliver great value service because we are able to. We are able to deliver good value service pricing to our clients, because:

  1. Ascendia Accountants Mooloolaba, Noosa & Brisbane have scale in this service area, and we can retain scale due to our existing efficiencies, and
  2. Because of Ascendia Accountants keen pricing model, efficient delivery procedures and engaged ongoing on the job coaching / training.

So how do you do it?

  • Proprietary electronic work papers which are reviewed and updated every year
  • Ongoing training of enthusiastic support staff
  • Partner completion of audits (as well as their professional accounting staff), and partner visits to clients' premiers from time to time - providing us with valuable client feedback
  • Great full time employed professional staff who like what they do

This last point is very important to your service delivery - it means:

  • Staff who aren't just passing through looking for the next opportunity and not caring about your service delivery because they wont be here next year...
  • Staff who work on salary, not on commissions or piece rates. The latter approach drives staff to want to maximise fees and minimise the job.

Our pricing and delivery model stays keen and effective - because we are motivated to work to keep it that way.

Why do you offer keen pricing when you regard yourselves as a high quality and full service provider to Management Rights Businesses?

We are driven to provide the most effective & efficient service - and better value pricing - so we can continue doing what we enjoy, living and working in a great environment, and earning a fair living.

What is the Ascendia Accountants' Service Goal in servicing Management Rights Businesses?

There are a few firms that claim to be 'market leaders' or the 'largest service provider' in this area. These claims can't be tested. Our focus is not to be the 'largest' or the 'leaders'.

Our focus is to deliver a service our clients think is great, and is good value.

Why do your current Management Rights clients keep using Ascendia Accountants Sunshine Coast & North Brisbane?

Feedback our clients have given our partnership team in this area is that:

  1. That our clients' like a better value service from a no fuss team of partners and our 'worker' culture, that delivers good value pricing, and
  2. That our clients' value our full service capability (from our long standing involvement and commitment to Management Rights Businesses), and they like having that back up ability available to them - to provide additional services if and when they need it.

Background About Ascendia Accountants that our Clients know:

We started in Brisbane in the 1990's and expanded our Management Rights offering on the Sunshine Coast by acquiring the top Management Rights Accounting Services firms in Queensland - Archer Gowland (Noosa) and Archer Gowland (Maroochydore) and integrating them into our business.

At that time our partners purchased the rights to, and have retained and have continued to develop, all of Archer Gowland (Noosa) and Archer Gowland (Maroochydore) Management Rights intellectual property and know how.

Our quiet achiever approach is to deliver the same highest quality and full service to Management Rights Businesses - but with the added benefit of even better value and pricing - resulting from Ascendia's continued investment in new technology and a team of young partners.

Our partners also now have combined 30 years of professional experience in management rights accountancy and business service provision.

Ascendia Accountants deliver a full service offering - you can have confidence in us to provide you with all the service you need to run your business well - so you don't need to find new providers for different aspects of your service requirements.

Because we do a lot of Management Rights work we can also provide some great special offers to Management Rights Businesses.

Check out the special offers available on this web site for Management Rights Operators, including relating to:

What are Ascendia's Service Standards?

1. Audit

The Ascendia audit service includes an annual and interim audit and audit compliance report.

We also visit your premises three times a year for audit service.

2. Purchaser Due Diligence / Verifications Reports

Our due diligence and verification service includes analysis and investigation as required and we complete reports to CPA/CA/IPA standards. Full reports as required by major financial institutions are provided.

We are on the recommended panel for major bank lending to management rights purchasers.

Due to our many years experience on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane doing management rights audits, due diligence analysis and reports, and accounting we can offer our service at very keen prices. As a result of our long experience our audit work papers are well organised and our staff are very efficient.

3. Services required when selling your business

Our specialist accounting services include preparation of financial information for sale purposes.

This ensures prospective purchasers are fully informed and can have confidence in the financial representation of the vendors’ financial reports.

It also allows the prospective purchaser to canvas finance options quickly - enabling you to move the process forward more quickly.

When a bank sees a valuation report from Ascendia they have confidence that it can be relied on due to our track record.

Reports for sale can be different from general or tax accounting reports because they remove any idiosyncrasies that relate to the current owners approach to their financial management and also because they often cover different reporting periods.

We recommend a report be prepared, reviewed and finalised for presentation to prospective purchasers once you have decided to put your business up for sale. These reports can then be periodically updated as required.

On a more personal note, it is beneficial to consider your personal financial objectives and how to get the most from your business profit before putting the business on the market.

Ascendia provides specialised financial planning services for management rights owners. We have independently licensed financial planning services and many years experience in the management rights industry.

4. Ongoing service and support for Management Rights Businesses

Ascendia staff can assist you to set up your general and trust accounting systems correctly and provide ongoing bookkeeping and accounting advice and service as required.

We also are able to assist you to implement budgets and management reporting to monitor your business performance against important indicators and to take action to maintain and develop financial benefits.

We pride ourselves on being there to support you when you have to operate your business, in that first week, first month and first year to successfully achieve your business and lifestyle objectives and build value that you can sell when you are ready for a capital gain.

Support services available include:

  • Bookkeeping installation support, access to bookkeeping services and training
  • Financial management reporting
  • Financial systems development/review
  • General accounting support
  • Coordination of specialist providers for special needs/project
  • Compliance accounting and tax consultancy
  • Tax planning and minimisation including tax budgeting
  • Refinancing/financial verification reviews
  • Business acquisition support (including preliminary investigations and analysis, assisting in discussions with bankers and business brokers and complete due diligence reporting for finance applications).
  • Business sale support including preparation of special purpose reports (including P&L for sale reports), bank re-finance, preparation for sale or evaluation of additional management rights operations or alternate business opportunities.

Clients wanting to reduce their business risk, improve profitability and cash flow should talk to one of our Accountant Principals. Call 1300 797 858.

Management rights operators considering expanding and/or re-financing are invited to contact our North Brisbane & Sunshine Coast accountants for assistance in obtaining bank finance and making use of our proven business purchase/due diligence review process (to assist you to pay the right price for the business).

Contact our accountants Noosa, Mooloolaba or North Brisbane for more information. 

We're here when you need us!

To request an appointment with an Accounting, Law or Investment Client Service Manager, please fill out the form or Call: 1300 797 858.

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