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What Services Do I Need?

We have solid experience of assisting executives and senior salaried professionals with a range of North Brisbane, Mooloolaba and Noosa accountant services that complement the provision of tax return preparation and tax advice.

These complementary accounting services are made available to you in anticiaption of your needs, based on our knowledge of your fiancial and personal situation resulting from your already being a tax clients.

Service we make available to you include: 

  • Asset protection (protect your hard earned assets from professional liability risks)
  • Tax effective asset accumulation (put aside your regular surpluses in a tax effective way, all asset types and a range of investment alternatives should be considered as super is now more limited)
  • Tax and specific investment advice and services etc. (direct property, shares, exchange traded funds)
  • Personalised tax planning from April to May each year to ensure you have taken advantage of all opportunities available to you. Personal circumstances are given proper consideration so that you are able to maximise your financial position. This is sometimes done in the context of a 5 year financial plan (a plan that is cash - flow, budget and key investment accumulation driven)
  • Fee for service investment only advice - as opposed to taking commissions.

Why as a senior professional do I need a specialised service from a tax accountant?

Senior Professionals and Executives have more opportunities and more tax and asset protection issues to manage than ordinary employees. They also have different issues to small business persons.

As a result Ascendia Accountant's professional staff offer substantial accounting, tax and certified financial planning expertise that is specifically tailored to and experienced in the provision of service to executive and senior professionals.

Examples of this specialised service include:

  • Employee share options and bonus schemes - how to get the most out of them and ensure the compliance is correctly treated so you don't either miss out on tax discounts available or alternatively fail to report your obligations
  • Specialised executive superannuation offers (above the SGC where employer co-payments may be involved), and whether to make use of these or not
  • Golden handshake redundancy payouts - to take them or to take more leave - what is the best fit for your circumstances often requires modelling your personal financial position
  • Whether it is worthwhile to organise your own super instead of using the employer fund and whether you have a right to do this
  • Mechanics of setting up your own superannuation trust and organising roll-overs from old/existing funds and other administration needed to get it started
  • Ensuring you are not over insured, under insured or unhappy with the level of insurance and its expense, and obtaining the best amount and cover in the most tax effective way.  Without financial substantiation of 2 years historical, your Income Protection cover is an indemnity policy and thus subject at claim to proof of income levels. 
  • How to make the most of contracting opportunities where they are offered.

By managing the tax affairs of our clients, as well as providing comprehensive certified financial planning services, we are able to be proactive about the level of tax effective and alternate investment and salary packaging opportunities available.

What is Your Service Process for Executives?

Ascendia provides a comprehensive financial service - to allow a busy person to simply make decisions.

Its an accounting and tax service,

with tax accountant advice if and when you want it,

with investment and financial advice if and when you want it.

We dont send you marketing. We dont harras you, we simply are here - knowing your affairs and able to increase the service level if and when you need it.

We're here when you need us.

You only pay for tax preparation if that's all you want - but when you want some additional advice or service - we have an appropriate and capable service for senior professionals and executives.

We Offer > Close cooperation between our 

tax accountants


and qualified financial planners

> to deliver the service you have requested

> regardless of whose professional territory it is

In addition, we have staff members who travel across the region and country to visit clients as needed - we travel from Gympie to Brisbane and from Cairns, to Darwin, to Canberra, NSW and back to Brisbane.

We offer you the benefit of a strong technology infrastructure allowing us to provide these services to existing clients all around Australia.

We currently have executive clients located in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, in regional centres and overseas.

Our accounting services advice is fully documented and we provide close and high levels of support to assist you to investigate alternative financial and investment options.

Our service is analogous to the executive support team or the financial team in your work environment (where they support you in such work-related decisions) – except it's for your personal financial position.

We're your personal executive support team. Contact our Accountants in Noosa, Mooloolaba or North Brisbane today. 


We're here when you need us!

To request an appointment with an Accounting, Law or Investment Client Service Manager, please fill out the form or Call: 1300 797 858.

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