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What tax-related services can you provide me?

Our tax accountants in Brisbane North (North Lakes) and Sunshine Coast (Noosa and Maroochydore) provide a range of tax specific, accounting services, including:

  • Forward Period Income Tax Estimates
  • ATO Benchmark Reporting and Advice
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning, Estimates and Advice
  • Payroll Tax Estimates and Advice including pertaining to 'subcontractors'
  • Fringe Benefits Tax Estimates and Advice

Do you provide tax management advice and service?

Yes. We offer a comprehensive Income Tax Planning, Management and Advice Service that includes working with our in-house commercial, property and estates solicitor (as needed) to advise you on appropriate and prudent commercial structures.

In addition our tax accountants Sunshine Coast and Brisbane based, advise on prudent tax management approaches within and between your group of businesses or entities.

This comprehensive tax advisory service involves both legal and accountancy services, and cannot be provide by a sole legal or accountancy practitioner (unless using a specialist tax lawyer who also provides accountancy and tax agents services). Accountants alone are not permitted to provide advice pertaining to the establishment of companies, trusts etc. as these are have been found by the courts in Australia to be provision of a legal service.

Our tax services include (as required):

  • Provision of comprehensive advice
  • Establishment / amendment of all entities for your specific-purpose in-house entities (no online company templates),
  • Preparation of all legal documents including contracts, loan agreements, mortgages, caveats, corporate powers of attorney, etc.
  • Preparation of accounts and tax returns, and lodgement of it in accordance with our advice.

Should I request a tax plan be done in advance of the end of the financial year?

Our tax agents in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane North will be able to advise whether this is likely to be worthwhile for you. 

We will not undertake a tax planning exercise unless there is a substantial benefit.  The only circumstance where we may recommend this exercise is where there has been significant change in your circumstances, and we are suggesting a tax plan to obtain certainty for you. 

How much does a tax plan cost?

This depends on the scope of the job and the complexity of your affairs - we can provide a fee estimate. A tax plan should cost about 10-20% of what you can save in tax.We've been doing this for 13 years. Benefit from our experience. 

Contact our Brisbane or Sunshine Coast accountants in Noosa or Mooloolaba to enquire further about how we can help you.  

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