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ASIC Company Reporting

Compliance & Secretarial Company Support Services

These specialist accounting business services are only relevant to you if you have a company.

ASIC company reporting provided by our corporate accountants in Noosa, Mooloolaba & Brisbane, is all about you having peace of mind knowing that company records and any changes in shareholdings etc. are correctly kept up to date with ASIC. 

What is the annual company return?

If you have a company you are required by ASIC to submit a 'company return' once a year. This company return confirms/updates your Director(s) details, shareholding status and details etc. It is mandatory that you complete and submit this to ASIC within the due date each year (close to the anniversary of the establishment of your company). ASIC issues mandatory escalating penalties for late submission of the return, culminating in de-registration of your company if the return is too late.

In addition, ASIC requires that you pay an annual 'registration fee' for having a company. The fee amount varies depending on whether you have a trustee company only of a Self Managed Super Fund, or a trading or other type of company.

Our company accounting services help company owners and controllers to complete the annual business return for you with all the correct details, on time.

We charge you a small fee for doing ASIC company reporting and you get no late fees and no de-registrations.... as long as you pay the registration fee (which we send you the slip to pay)!

You still have to pay ASIC (of course) but you don't have to do the paperwork...

What if my Shareholders or Director's details change?

If you are using this company support service (if you have a company and haven't advised us you are doing this yourself, then you are using this accounting business service), just advise us by email about any changes when they occur and we will take care of the paperwork.

You will then need to sign off on the documents our company accountants give you or organise the relevant company officeholders to do so and return them to the reception area at one of our Ascendia offices in North Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast.

Our company accountants will then lodge the relevant changes directly with ASIC via our online database to ASIC (all you have to do is pay our annual administration fee and the ASIC fee).

What if I want to change my Company name?

Just advise our corporate accountants in Noosa, Mooloolaba & Brisbane by email when you want it to happen and we will prepare the paperwork.

You will need to get the forms we give you authorised by the relevant company officer and return the paperwork to us.

We will lodge documents with ASIC,who will need to approve it before you can change the name of your company, in case it is too similar to another company name.

Contact Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast corporate accountants at Ascendia today to discuss our company accounting services for ASIC reporting.


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