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What services do Ascendia Accountants' provide?

This page provides a summary of the accounting and bookkeeping services provided by Ascendia Accountants Public Accounting and Tax Agents Services businesses. Further details about the accounting services provided by the principal and client service accountants and their support staff are outlined in the detailed pages linked below.

Take advantage of our specialist accounting bookkeeping service backed by a multi-disciplinary team of not only business tax accountants, but also in-house commercial, property & estates lawyers, and independent qualified investment managers. Our experts collaborate daily to deliver clients extra options and opportunities they cannot access from service providers with a more narrow focus.

Contact our professional services firm today. You'll find an Ascendia office near you in North Lakes, Brisbane, and in Noosa and Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.

Unlike many law, accounting and investment management companies these days - we do not offshore, outsource, or sub-contract any of our work or services.

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Accounting Services available from Ascendia

Audit & Assurance

for Management Rights, Real Estate, Professions Trust

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Business Advisory Services

including services related to buying and selling businesses and internal financial and business reporting

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Business Bookkeeping

including BAS and IAS lodgments, regular management accounts

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Chief Financial Officer Support Services

including benchmark performance reporting and establishing charts of accounts for performance and financial managment purposes

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Financial Accounting

including for Bank Finance, P&L For Sale, Reporting to Investors etc.

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General Purpose Accounting

for Audited Reports for Certified Company  Audit and Submission to ASIC for 31 October each year.

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Self Managed Super Accounts

and compliance services including advice.

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Investment Accounting

services including for large and complex portfolios

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Tax Advice

business tax accountant advice relating to Income Tax, Payroll Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, Capital Gains Tax etc.

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Financial Due Diligence Investigation, Verification

ctivity and Reporting and Business Valuation Services.

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Frequently asked questions

There are many questions asked by prospective clients of Ascendia Accountants. Following are the most common ones and we hope the answers assist you in understanding the business accounting & bookkeeping services we provide. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our North Brisbane or Sunshine Coast accountants.

Yes, we will provide a written fee estimate on request.

To take up a fixed fee offer you simply engage us using our normal engagement letter and terms agreement - the fixed fee letter is referenced in this engagement which binds us to the price as long as the job does not significantly change.

Come and see us and discuss your needs and decide if we can be of assistance. We just need your copy of your prior years Financial Accounts and Tax Returns and your financial records relating to the current period you want us to assist with.

You may wish to get us to provide you with a fixed fee estimate for the first year's work.

If you are happy to move to us you formally engage us with our engagement and terms agreement which we will provide to you. 

We recommend you then contact your existing accountant and explain that you are leaving and that ascendia will be in touch shortly to request some information in the normal manner. we will take care of the rest.

We will liaise closely with you through the transition period.

Yes there may be, but this rarely occurs, and we will advise you in confidence if this is the case. Bascially we are not able to take on a client if there are ethical reasons that prevent us from doing so - due to the terms and conditions of our membershiop of Professional Accounting bodies.

More practically we may be prevented from assisting you if we are not able to obtain information, assistance or documents from your former accountant, if you have not paid all your fees, including a final fee for any unbilled work and preparation of information, and any administration fees related to your leaving that adviser. However we are able to re-construct accounts and are happy to discuss working with you to do this as required if there are missing data files etc. we don't need another accountants work papers to assist you.

We just need your copy of your prior years Financial Accounts and Tax Returns and your financial records relating to the current period you want us to assist with.

We provide a range of tax specific accounting services, including:

  • Forward Period Income Tax Estimates
  • ATO Benchmark Reporting and Advice
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning, Estimates and Advice
  • Payroll Tax Estimates and Advice including pertaining to 'subcontractors'
  • Fringe Benefits Tax Estimates and Advice

Yes, we do provide a comprehensive Income Tax Planning, Management and Advice Service that includes, as required, working in collaboration with our in-house commercial, property and estates solicitor, as appropriate, to advise you on appropriate and prudent commercial structures.

In addition our tax accountants advise on prudent tax management approaches within and between your group of businesses or entities.

This comprehensive tax advisory service involves both legal and accountancy services, and cannot be provide by a sole legal or accountancy practitioner (unless using a specialist tax lawyer who also provides accountancy and tax agents services). (Accountants alone are not permitted to provide advice pertaining to the establishment of companies, trusts etc. as these are have been found by the courts in Australia to be provision of a legal service).

Our tax management accounting services can, as required, include:

  • Provision of comprehensive advice

  • Establishment / amendment of all entities for your specific-purpose in-house entities (no on line company templates),

  • Preparation of all legal documents including contracts, loan agreements, mortgages, caveats, corporate powers of attorney, etc.

  • Preparation of accounts and tax returns, and lodgement of it in accordance with our advice.

For more details about this service go to Tax Advisory & Estimates, on our dedicated Accountant's Services Website at also available from the Portfolio Services Menu on this page at top right.

Yes, our Sunshine Coast and Brisbane accountants have very strong skills in SMSF accounting services.

Our SMSF accountants have provided accountancy services for super funds for over 13 years and have over 35 years combined experience in this area.

Our current professional experience includes relating to super funds involving:

  • Multi million dollar portfolio's including all Australian Shares, Income Notes, OTC Bonds, all Managed Funds, Options, International Currency, Term Deposits, Cash, Collectibles (including Cars, Antiques and Art), and commodities including Gold and Silver Bullion.
  • Real Estate including Residential rental / investment property(s), Commercial Property, Industrial Property, Vacant Land, including relating to business real property, geared property.
  • Bare and Unit Trusts.
  • Commercial Lease agreements, Commercial loan agreements, Related Party Loan Agreements.
  • Use of personal insurance within the SMSF trust.

Our self managed super fund accountants have up to date experience dealing with superannuation matters pertaining to:

  • Death of a trustee
  • Establishment of retirement income streams, including for reversionary pensioners
  • Provision of death benefit termination payments
  • Superannuation for persons suffering a disability
  • Communication and liaison with the ATO to assist trustees requiring assistance to meet regulator requirements.

Unlike many firms these days - we do not send offshore, outsource, or sub-contract this work. 

All your work is done by Ascendia's in-house, Australian resident, professional tax agents in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, working on site from our offices.

The back offices of our professional suites are only accessible to authorised Ascendia staff. Your records and your personal information are only accessed by these Ascendia's employees.

Your financial and personal information is retained securely on site at Ascendia's offices and archives storage - which are continuously alarmed and monitored. Our servers are firewalled and secure and maintained by Queensland Information Technology Services Pty Ltd. We return all your original records to you when we have completed the job.

We do not use sub-contractors or casual or part time staff who 'work from home' and who as a result have your records in environments that are not secure. We do not allow staff to 'take your file home' or 'work from home' for the same reasons.

Your privacy and security is maintained by having your work dealt with only by tried and tested in house employees working on our secure premises.

We take your information and financial and personal records and identity security very seriously. 

For more details about this service go to General Purpose Financial Reporting, on our dedicated Accountant's Services Website at also available from the Portfolio Services Menu on this page at top right.

Yes we can help you and we know what we are doing in this area.

We provide these services on behalf of a business purchaser and also, as required on behalf of business vendors in preparation for sale. We refer to them as Verification or Due Diligence Investigation Services. 

The objective of a verification report is to assure the purchaser of the veracity and related issues pertaining to the business financial information pursuant to the business they are considering purchasing. 

We also provide similar services to assist vendors to prepare their financial reporting and / or their business processes more generally for sale. We have worked on such services for businesses as small as $150,000 in value and as large as $135M in value. 

We have solid experience in providing these services in regards to:

  • Management Rights Businesses
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Restaurants / Cafe's including Franchises
  • Transport Businesses
  • Newsagents
  • Manufacturers
  • Trade Services and Professional Services

Usually the due diligence verification involves:

  • Adjustments to financial accounts for matters not related to the ongoing business, and
  • Assurance of some elements of the financial records.

In reference to any assurance procedures involved - there are industry standards in regards to different businesses and also specific risks that should be managed in verifying business records which involve using different procedures depending on the business type and the scope of the service required.

Once we know the business type, have a copy of your latest financial accounts, and we have had a brief discussion with you we can advise you on the service required and we can give you a fixed fee quote.

For more details about this service go to Verification & Valuation Services, on our dedicated Accountant's Services Website at also available from the Portfolio Services Menu on this page at top right.

Due to the high level of experience we have had with providing verification services for Management Rights purchasers, we are able to provide a Fixed Fee Special Offer for Management Rights Verification. 

More details about this offer area available by scrolling down our Special Offers page on our dedicated Accountants' Service Website.

Yes we do. Our experienced partners can work with you to ensure that your reports are ready and lodged on time each year.

What is your track record?

We have experience in this area in the following industries:

  • Pharmacy
  • Residential Aged Care
  • Transport
  • Construction Services

If you are interested in saving some money and getting a more approachable and personalised service - don't call the big guys, call us and ask to speak with our Managing Director Mr. Sherman Jenner.

For more details about this service go to General Purpose Financial Reporting, on our dedicated Accountant's Services Website at also available from the Portfolio Services Menu on this page at top right.

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