Dispute Management - Review & Advise

Dispute Management - Review & Advise

We have significant experience reviewing clients' commercial arrangements, agreements, entities and business structures, and advising them on the need for any amendments, and in advising and assisting them to manage disputes with a range of types of stakeholders that they may need assistance managing.

Disputes we have assisted clients manage include those with the following stakeholder types:

  • clients (product or service deficiency)
  • employees (employment)
  • beneficiaries (entitlements)
  • landlords (crown lease, commercial lease)
  • Investors (unitholder, shareholder)
  • Subcontractors (liabilities)

We are experienced at managing the overall dispute across a range of legal issues and statutory areas / impacts and in identifying and briefing suitable leading specialist legal counsel in the areas required. We have a number of business groups that use on a repeat basis for this type of work.

We are happy to take a select number of additional business groups for this type of repeat work - where we can develop a detailed understanding of their commercial arrangements.


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