Business & Project Structuring

Business / Project Structuring

Business & Investment Structure Legal Advice

 At a client's direction, Ascendia Lawyers Maroochydore can establish the following entities and provide legal advice when it comes to:

  • Private Company
  • Discretionary or Family Trusts
  • Unit Trusts
  • Bare Trusts
  • Hybrid Trusts
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Partnership Agreements

We can work closely with your accountant and financial adviser to make any changes needed to these entities under advisement.

Project Structuring / Business Legal Advice

Need to find a lawyer specialising in business legal services who can provide up-to-date, invaluable legal advice to ensure business affairs are in order and above-board? Contact Ascendia Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast for peace of mind - our law firm has all the knowledge and experience to ensure compliance with all the legal obligations that come with being an employer. 

Employer Legal Considerations & Obligations

The way an employer structures their business and investments, and the arrangements between their business' investment projects and family and/or themselves individually, has a substantial impact on a number of areas, including tax, asset protection and business efficiency matters.

The business regulatory environment and business law environment change over time, and an employer's business arrangements need to respond to this environment. Business arrangements need to meet changing legal compliance requirements and commercial standards and also enable an employer to maximise business opportunities - to protect and maximise the value of their valuable business and commercial assets.

Ascendia's solicitors are happy to provide their legal services clients with fixed price legal advice and implementation for business and investment structuring. Contact Ascendia Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast for more information and to discuss specific needs.

Business & Investment Structures Business Sale & Agreements Shareholder, Partnership and Unitholder Agreements Asset Protection Legal Services

Business / Project Structuring

The business and investment structures that you have and use, and the arrangements between them, when undertaking your business or investment project have a substantial impact on:

  • Income Tax Liabilities
  • Payroll Tax Liabilities
  • Capital Gain Taxes Liabilities
  • Eligible Termination Payment Tax Liabilities
  • Timing of Tax Liabilities
  • Third Party Claimants Access to Assets
  • Your access to capital within your business and investment structures
  • Risk or exposure to third party claimants such as employees, ATO, unsecured creditors, statutory or common law claimants (including QBCC and FWA facilitated claimants).

Increased compliance costs or decreased opportunity are often unintended consequences of business structuring decisions made without reference to all the available alternatives (all the types of legal entities available) by an internal stakeholder who is focussed on getting an entity set up quickly. These detrimental effects can also be the result of these decisions being taken without reference to recent changes in legislation (for example small company tax rates are now lower than large company rates) or to all the important considerations (for example corporate insolvency risks and asset protection, as well as income tax considerations).

We are able to provide our clients with fixed price advice and implementation for business and investment structuring.

We are also able to provide reasonably accurate estimates of savings and opportunities we can identify in any amendments to provide recommendations to your current business and investment structures and arrangements.

Our focus is on review of your business and investment structures to ensure they remain a good match to what you actually need now, and that they make use of today's opportunities presented by your current circumstances (rather than a standard one size fits all approach or an approach that fitted in the past but not any more).

We only recommend making amendments when there is a definite quantified significant financial benefit above and beyond the costs.

Legal Instruments

We use a range of legal instruments to ensure that a business and investment arrangement provides the right fit for the client's circumstances, including getting the balance that they need in:

  • Asset protection
  • Tax efficiency
  • Convenience and ease of use 
  • Privacy.

The kinds of instruments we use include:

1. Loan Agreements

  • Bare Trusts
  • SMSF's
  • Companies (including Div. 7A compliant)
  • Trusts
  • Including matters regarding special and custom clauses.

2. Business Law Advice

Comprehensive advice pertaining to business law matters.

3. Legal Entities

  • Companies
  • Family Trusts
  • Company Trustees
  • Unit Trusts
  • SMSF's
  • Bare Trusts
  • Undisclosed Trusts
  • Hybrid Trusts
  • Partnerships

4. Security

  • Registered Mortgages
  • Caveates
  • Guarantees

5. Powers of Attorney

6. SMSF funds

7. Succession Planning

8. Tax Planning

In cooperation with your tax accountant.

9. Agreements

  • Shareholder
  • Unitholder
  • Partnership
  • Binding Financial.






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