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We are a professional services firm, comprising four service areas:

  • ascendia public accountants & taxation advisers
  • ascendia private business advisers/consultants
  • ascendia private wealth advisers/managers
  • ascendia lawyers (commercial)

Ascendia is owned and operated by a number of the senior staff who provide professional services to you.

Our offices are located in Brisbane, Mooloolaba and Noosa.

ascendia service approach

The ascendia teams work together to ensure you get strong support from us as a whole, which is very important when you are using a number of our service areas as most of our clients do.

Our clients love the fact they don't have to interpret and relay messages between their accountant, business adviser and investment managers - instead it is our responsibility to communicate and ensure your affairs are fully managed and comprehensively reported to you in a timely and convenient manner. 

A full service firm like ascendia is able to benefit you primarily because you can go to one place with your documents, plans and questions and the service is integrated across a number of professional areas. This saves you time, paperwork and ultimately money.

In short, you have more opportunities presented to you in a timely way and less problems in practice when you have one provider responsible for your financial position. 

When you use a cast of sub-contractors (accountant, business accountant/bookkeeper, investment manager, broker, business consultant) none can take responsibility for giving you support, you are left to pull it all together on your own.

Our objective is to provide you with strong support and excellent value across all these business processes.

professional affiliations

The ascendia team has the following professional affiliations:

- practising certificate - certified practising accountants (CPA)

- practising certificate - chartered accountant (CA)

- fellow certified practising accountants (CPA)

- practising certificate - national institute of accountants (NIA)

- practising certificate - financial planning association (FPA)

- certified financial planner (CFP)

- fellow taxation institute of australia (TIA)

- member taxation institute of australia (TIA)

For your copy of our financial services guide or engagement  letters for any of our services please request these by telephone or email.


the Ascendia owners

Andre Cox

Andre heads up the Brisbane Accounting and Tax service and is responsible for the day to day operation of the Brisbane office. His focus is on in-depth support to business and senior professional and executive clients – not just compliance, although he regards this as very important. Regular and effective financial management reporting is an area that Andre has been supporting our larger clients with - especially important in more testing economic times.

Andre is a founding partner of the firm. He has 30 years experience in public and tax accounting - across a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses including:

  • engineering firms and consultancies
  • manufacturing businesses
  • agricultural ventures including cattle, dairy, chicken, crops etc.
  • real estate including large project ventures
  • developers: commercial and large residential
  • car sales businesses
  • builders: multiple project
  • management rights/resort management/permanent apartment management
  • large retail store chain ($250M per annum turnover). 

Over his career Andre has seen a range of business conditions – successfully assisting many of his clients through two (and now three) recessions. Clients wanting to reduce their business risk, improve profitability and cash-flow should talk to Andre at this critical time.

Andre has also been providing support to ex-patriots and cross-nationals and has assisted many to maintain their compliance without major anxiety for themselves, at the same time as introducing appropriate tax planning and minimisation for their benefit.

Andre holds a Bachelor of Business and is a Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia and a member of the National Institute of Accountants. He lives with his family in Brisbane.


Sherman Jenner

Sherman is responsible for running the wealth management team. His team provides advice and wealth management services to enable our clients to maintain their lifestyle and meet their income needs and financial goals - as their personal circumstances and / or the economic environment changes. The wealth management team manage clients portfolios and provide client services.  Ascendia wealth services Brisbane and Sunshine Coast clients as well as clients in New South Wales, ACT and elsewhere in Queensland and overseas. 

Sherman has specialised in wealth management for business people and self-funded retirees for over 10 years. Previously he has been employed as a salaried adviser at AMP, GIO, and then in private practice with Broad Pollock & Co and Archer Gowland (Noosa). Sherman is also the Managing Director and a founding partner of ascendia.

Clients seek out Sherman and his team, or are referred by professional colleagues when they:

  1. have a business purchase or sale, asset purchase or sale, change of business relationships or structures, or change of work status
  2. are approaching retirement or have the opportunity to use retirement tax structures (around 50 years old) to minimise tax and accumulate assets for the future in a tax effective manner
  3. have successful business performance and are keen to accumulate assets in a tax effective manner going forward
  4. are self-funded retirees and need to review their situation to ensure they have their financial affairs in order - so that they can in fact meet income levels that will enable them to maintain their lifestyle
  5. are concerned to protect their assets as they continue in business or in the context of estates planning or personal relationship changes and property settlements. This is done through the prudent use of trusts, testamentary trusts, superannuation trusts, property settlement processes, simultaneous re-organisation of how assets are held, and with careful consideration of the relevant estates, family maintenance and bankruptcy laws [We work with a legal partnership where appropriate]
  6. have substantial dependence on key individuals in their business dealings that they wish to insure against and/ or require the organisation of a succession plan.

Having successfully applied for an independent financial services license from ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) in 2007, the ascendia wealth team is able to offer clients a wide range of investments and services on a fee-for-service basis, allowing our wealth management to be comprehensive and independent as required: e.g.:

  • full service share-broking
  • Australian listed income securities- fixed and floating interest rate,
  • Australian listed property trusts
  • full research by Lonsec and Aegis available, written advice and regular review / portfolio construction for income / capital gain / tax effectiveness etc.
  • initial public offerings of securities available via wholesale commsec partner
  • options trading service and compliance and client administration - to generate additional income and reduce unsystemic portfolio risk
  • government guaranteed on-call cash accounts - to enable operation of your portfolio including direct rental properties, B-Pay facilities, nil transaction fees available
  • direct property investment structuring and budgeting advice and administration
  • portfolio administration services including, where appropriate: Navigator, Summit, Mentor etc.
  • wholesale direct managed funds including relating to: international equities, small companies, fixed interest, resources, emerging markets
  • self-managed superannuation advice, administration and investment management
  • superannuation pension portfolio management - to ensure your pension portfolio meets it's liabilities to pay your pension over time
  • advice on financial arrangements and use of trusts and companies for the making and holding of investments including testamentary trusts.

Sherman holds an MBA in Financial Management (UQ), a BA in Economics, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investment and a Diploma of Financial Planning. He is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Practising National Accountant. He is a member of the Financial Planning Association, the Australian Institute of Taxation and the National Institute of Accountants. He also has a Graduate Diploma of Education. He resides on the Sunshine Coast with his family.


company details

ascendia accounting pty. ltd.

ABN 94 123 735 393
registered tax agent

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This is specifically regulated by the Australian Taxation Office in the first instance - in its capacity as a registered corporate tax agent. It is also regulated under the Australian Corporations Act, Trade Practices Act and other relevant business law.

All taxation and accounting services are provided by this business. This business does not provide personal financial planning or investment advice as regulated by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC). This service is provided, as required by the ASIC, by ascendia wealth pty. ltd. Ascendia wealth is a corporate authorised representative and is fully authorised and regulated to provide investment and financial advice and management services.

ascendia consulting pty. ltd.

ABN: 44 116 997 632

fuel for your business & control for you

This business is regulated under the Australian Corporations Act, Trade Practices Act and other relevant business law like all companies. Where tax or public accounting services, or superannuation or investment advice is required we are able to provide these through our related ascendia businesses as outlined on this page.

ascendia wealth pty. ltd.
ABN 59 097 933 545
Corporate Authorised Representative No. 251037

building your wealth & giving you peace of mind

ascendia pty. ltd.
ABN 88 122 360 721
Australian Financial Services Licensee: No. 307308: licensing ascendia wealth pty. ltd.


These companies are regulated in the first instance by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), which has specific and sole responsibility for regulating Australian Financial Services Licensees and their Authorised Representatives in their professional capacities. The business is also regulated in general terms like most companies also by the Australian Taxation Office and ASIC in respect of the Corporations Law generally.

This business does not provide taxation or accounting advice or services as regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and is not a registered tax agent. These services are provided by Ascendia Accounting Pty. Ltd. Business consulting is provided by Ascendia Consulting Pty. Ltd.